P.I. & A., INC.





P. I. & A., INC., will provide a highly qualified staff, meeting or exceeding the personnel requirements outlined by the Company/Agency.  This firm has provided management/inspection services on various projects and will competently deliver the services required by the Company/Agency, assigning the number of inspectors as necessary, on an as needed basis, for the time frame(s) determined by the Company/Agency.

P. I. & A. possesses extensive knowledge of construction standards, general conditions and procedures within the construction industry.  This firm has substantial experience relative to inspection services of street and roadway construction or reconstruction, bridge rehabilitation, sewer construction, waterline relays, wall and step construction and reconstruction, removal and replacement of fuel tanks, and various aspects of building construction or rehabilitation.

P. I. & A. will attend preconstruction meetings as necessary, involving those members of the team that will have direct responsibility relative to a particular construction project.

P. I. & A. can be responsible for scheduling and supervising periodic job progress meetings which will be held as frequently as necessary to provide for a smooth running construction project.  P. I. & A. representative will be in attendance at all meetings as required and will record minutes of these meetings in a format acceptable to the Company/Agency, distributing copies to all parties in a timely manner.  Corrections to minutes will also be recorded and distributed to all concerned parties.

Progress of the project will be documented in a concise and coherent manner, in keeping with good construction inspection practices; daily logs and records will be prepared by the Field Inspection Team in the Company/Agency's desired format.  Progress reports will be prepared on a routine basis providing a cumulative summary  in the form of percentages for the various work tasks of construction as they are executed by the contractor(s).  The quantities of each work item will be carefully measured and recorded as a basis for payment.  All of the necessary daily, weekly or monthly reports associated with the quantities of each work item performed, inspected and accepted for payment will be prepared.  Monthly payment estimates, as well as final payment, will be reviewed and approved based upon this information, as may be required.

Change orders, work directives, and extra work orders will be prepared, reviewed, and processed in a timely manner to allow continuous work progress.  A final (close-out) change order will be prepared as necessary to account for all quantities of work items used throughout construction of the project(s).

P. I. & A. shall prepare all necessary project correspondence throughout the duration of the project(s) for any and all parties.  All correspondence shall be stored on computer disks as well as hard copy, readily available for review or reproduction.

P. I. & A. is completely familiar with regulations and guidelines relative to labor standards, safety and accident prevention, and equal opportunity provisions as they exist in the construction industry.  This firm will assist the Company/Agency in  verification of the Department of Labor and Industry Prevailing Wage Rates, Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) regulations by which contractors are governed, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations and guidelines as may be incorporated in the respective construction contracts.  This information will be collected, recorded and made accessible throughout the contract period.

P. I. & A. will coordinate activities with assigned client personnel.  We will also provide liaison services with governmental agencies, utilities, or entities as may be requested by the Company/Agency.  We are confident that a compatible working relationship with the client personnel and consultant staff will result in a successful project.

P. I. & A. can participate with the Company/Agency in various prefinal and final inspections for assigned construction projects.  We will prepare the punch list(s) for each project and maintain a record of accomplishment of each work item on the punch list to guarantee the proper completion of all work items.  Our staff will distribute all lists to the appropriate parties in a timely fashion.

At the completion of all construction work and subsequent to a final inspection, P. I. & A. will submit a calculation book depicting "as-built" conditions of the construction project, including all final quantities of the various items of work.  If necessary, we will prepare a set of "as-built" drawings coincident with the calculation book to reflect any and all changes encountered in the field during construction of the project.  These drawings will be provided on a material and in a format acceptable to the Company/Agency.

P. I. & A. will review, as may be necessary, the contractor(s) payrolls, monthly utilization reports, and other submittals for compliance with the contract documents.  During the term of this contract, P. I. & A. will make available these additional services at the discretion of the Company/Agency on an as needed basis.